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    Mary Magdalena Nard Oil 100% pure



papa anre tore location

Mary Magdalena pure Nard

its carefully done by papa andrea family from 50 years with best quality


we provice the best incence that is made by monasteries in Greece and by fabric and in Jerusalem see all of our collection by taping more info


At papa andrea online store you will find big collection of rosaries that is made from olive wood, crystal and natural stones


we provide big collection of silver icons, hand painting icons, gold sheet icons and paper icons, its made with love and very good quality and best prices

Olive wood crosses

its made by local family in Jerusalem and Bethlehem with very good olive wood from olive tree and there are big collection


Candles from Jerusalem is made by local family and its a tradition in Easter time to light 33 candles when Jesus died for us on age 33 years

Olive wood statue

Its made by local Christian family in Bethlehem , and its very good quality with best looking, and all its made from the OLIVE TREE

Souvenir from Jerusalem

all what you want from Jerusalem you may find it at our this page many souvenirs from different kinds and quality


Olive wood Chalice the last supper

papa andrea 1.jpeg

Saint Paul olive wood

papa andrea 2.jpeg

Myre de Nard

Mary Magdalena Icon

PAPA ANDREA stores near the holy Sepulchre church

silver icon colection
silver icon collection

Mary Magdalena Nard Oil

Mary Magdalena Nard

mary magdalena nard oil by papa andre

Mary Magdalena Nard

Mary Magdalena Nard

Papa Andrea Souviner shop Near by the holy Sepulchre church in the old city of Jerusalem, is a small family business works since 1930, introduced Good quality incense, myre and nard pure oil wih many other souviners.

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